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Weight loss through proper nutrition, adapted training and knowledge. Diet programs and nutritional supplements to support weight reduction. 

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    Almased’s unique formula contains the key ingredients for successful weight loss, optimal health and maximum energy.

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    Biomed AppControl reduces appetite and hunger tacks and helps you with weight control.

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    Biomed Carbosinol reduces the intake of calories from carbohydrates. Suitable for weight control, prevention and treatment of obesity.

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    Biomed inShape is a protein-rich nutrient concentrate, which stirred up in 200 ml of skim milk a dietary liquid food by 200 kcal per serving results.

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    Biomed Reduforte | The 3 in 1 product in convenient tablet form reduce calorie intake from fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

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    Burgerstein L-Carnitin is important for energy metabolism and endurance performance in athletes. Supports the regeneration.

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    Effective Nature Capsaicin is a natural product with 98.3% cayenne pepper. It includes a severity level of 8500 HU.

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    Effective Nature Konjak capsules for losing weight and are made from the konjac root. They are virtually free of calories.

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    Effective Nature metabolism Kick stimulates your metabolism with herbs. Contains iodine which to a normal energy metabolism contributes.

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    Formoline L-112 is a slimming product of how effective it is in achieving weight loss results for many.

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    Iron Maxx Body n Diet Weight loss through high quality and tasty meal replacement only 230kcal per serving

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    Iron Maxx Carnitine Pro deliver high doses of 750mg L-carnitine tartrate in free form, which can be easily absorbed by the body

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    Momentum lifestyle programm helps you losing weight or maintain weight : these are two seperate goals

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    Momentum recipes book for all phases during the programme. Recipes for diet phase, stabilisation phase and life phase

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    MyProtein Impact Diet Whey is a premium protein blend. Low GI Carbohydrate and High Protein Conten. Amazing taste an easy to mix.

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    Powerbar ProteinPlus Low Sugar - High quality protein and high in fibre. Recduced in carbohydrates and free from collagen protein.

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    Quest Quest Bar - It's the perfect nutrition bar for anyone looking to get top quality protein while dropping some carbs from their diet. 

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    Drinking ampoules with L-carnitine (1000 mg) plus zinc (3.8 mg) and magnesium (75 mg).

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    Sponser Low Carb Burner is a low-calorie electrolyte drink based on green tea and coffee extract, L-carnitine, 4 minerals and 10 vitamins.

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    Delicious milkshake with a high biological value thanks to milk and egg proteins.

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