Weider Nutrition | The wide product range includes a wide variety of Weider protein powders, shakes, protein bars and specialty products. 

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  • 73.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider 32% Protein Bar with 19 g of Protein and under 6 g of fat. For muscle build-up phase and strength build-up phase.

    73.90 CHF
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  • 45.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider 32% Whey Wafer with 32% Protein, crunchy Wafer and chocolate coating. For muscle build-up Phase and mass build-up Phase.

    45.90 CHF
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  • 49.00 CHF In Stock

    Weider Amino Power Liquid is a liquid portein hydrolysate concentrate for the muscles. With Leucine, Taurine and Vitamin B6.

    49.00 CHF
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  • 53.80 CHF In Stock

    Weider BCAA + L-Glutamine capsules with L-glutamine in combination with BCAAs. with 3600 mg BCAAs and with 3600 mg L-Glutamine per serving.

    53.80 CHF
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  • 64.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider Body Shaper - L-Carnitine Liquid are small drink bottles and easy to use and contain the L-Carnitine nutrient and Vitamin C.

    64.90 CHF
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  • 42.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider Body Shaper - Thermo Caps  main nutrients of the product: 500 mg of L-carnitine, 400 mg of green tea extract and 300 mg Guarana.

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  • 49.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider CLA With healthy and essential fatty acids. Capsules with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) are especially recommended for a diet.

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  • 27.50 CHF In Stock

    Weider Creatine is a high-quality Creatine Monohydrate and is the only Creatine made in Germany. Before and after the training.

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  • 81.90 CHF In Stock
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    Weider Day & Night Casein Protein formula with calcium caseinate for longer release of amino acids. High protein content of over 84% with pure casein.

    81.90 CHF
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  • 27.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider Gold Whey Protein does not solidify and does not become thicker after being stirred. Of course the product is low fat and low sugar.

    27.90 CHF
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  • 84.60 CHF In Stock
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    Weider Krea-Genic + PTK Kapseln next-generation capsules with creatine monohydrate. with phase transfer catalyst PTC.Increases physical performance.

    84.60 CHF
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  • 28.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider Magnesium Liquid is an important mineral which is in almost all of the bodys cells, the skeleton and in the muscular system.

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  • 27.35 CHF 36.50 CHF -25% In Stock

    Weider BCAA Syntho| BCAA ratio of 2:1:1 - 3000 mg L-Leucine, 1500 mg L-Isoleucine and 1500 mg L-Valine per serving. Especially for build up-phase.

    27.35 CHF 36.50 CHF -25%
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  • 52.10 CHF In Stock

    Weider Maximum Krea-Genic contains 750 mg KREA-GENIC per Capsule. Two buffers in one molecular compound. Especially for build up phase.

    52.10 CHF
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  • 44.60 CHF In Stock

    Weider Mega Mass 2000 carbohydrate-protein mix with micro nutients, tuned to the need of Bodybuilders. For mass build-up.

    44.60 CHF
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  • 119.00 CHF In Stock

    Weider Mega Mass 4000 carb-protein mix with added micronutrients and creatine to build strength. With added creatine and macromolecular starch.

    119.00 CHF
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  • 14.50 CHF In Stock

    Weider Nut Protein with 21% protein and 11% hazelnut. Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass and an increase in muscle mass.

    14.50 CHF
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  • 39.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider Premium BCAA Powder provides synthetic L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine in an effective 2:1:1 ratio. For definiton- and build up phase.

    39.90 CHF
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  • 25.65 CHF In Stock

    Weider Premium Whey Protein is a biologically high-quality whey protein.Containes natural bioactive nutrients such as globulins and glycomacropeptides

    25.65 CHF
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  • 25.90 CHF In Stock

    Weider Protein 80 Plus is a 4 component protein. Supply of the trained muscular system with high quality protein. LOW FAT and LOW SUGAR.

    25.90 CHF
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  • 22.00 CHF In Stock

    Weider Protein Pudding powder for mixing a Protein Pudding. With 32 g of Protein per serving. Delicious and creamy taste.

    22.00 CHF
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