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Sponser Whey Isolat CFM - Proteins support a growth in muscle mass and its maintenance. High biological value (170 according to Oser).

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Allergies nut free, histamine free, ovo-lacto-vegetarian, chicken egg free, no sweeteners
Dosage Form powder
Eating times pre workout, post workout

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Proteins support a growth in muscle mass and its maintenance. Whey Isolate CFM is a whey protein isolate from cross flow microfiltration with an extremely high protein content of 94% in the dry substance. In opposite to other manufacturing processes, the cross flow method (micro following by ultrafiltration, no ion exchange) allows the highest possible preservation and concentration of the valuable protein fractions. At the same time this technology enables a lowest possible fat and minerals content by top biological value (170 according to Oser).

Whey Isolate CFM is naturally rich in branched chain essential amino acids leucine, valine and isoleucine, the so-called BCAA.

Whey Isolate CFM is lactose free and is also available as completely neutral variant, without any other supplementation in flavours or artificial sweeteners.

- High biological value (170 according to Oser)
- CFM manufacturing process
- High content in essential amino acids (BCAA 250 mg/g of pure protein)
- Lactose free

Whey Protein contains the following protein fractions:
15% Alpha-Lactalbumine
56% Beta-Lactalbumine
20% Glycomacropeptide
3% Immunoglobuline

To support muscle and body mass constitution, take up to 30 min. before or right after training. Neutral variant for enrichment of other products.

Whey protein isolate 93% (Ireland).


Nutrition facts: per 100 g
Energy 1560 kJ (370 kcal)
Fat 1.5 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 0.6 g
Carbohydrates 2.5 g
- of which sugars 0.7 g
Fibres 1.8 g
Protein 85 g
Salt 0.78 g
Calcium 450 mg 56%
Magnesium 70 mg 19%
Phosphore 220 mg 31%
Potassium 450 mg 23%
L-histidine 1.9 g
L-isoleucine 7.1 g
L-leucine 11.6 g
L-lysine 10.1 g
L-methionine + L-cysteine 4.3 g
L-phenylalanine + L-tyrosine 6.6 g
L-threonine 8.3 g
L-tryptophane 2 g
L-valine 6.2 g
L-alanine 5.5 g
L-arginine 1.9 g
L-aspartic acid 11.5 g
L-glutamic acid 20.5 g
L-glycine 1.7 g
L-proline 6.1 g
L-serine 4.6 g


By on  13 Nov. 2017 (Sponser Whey Isolat CFM) :

Sponser Whey Iso CFM vs Winforce Whey Isolat

Beide Produkte überzeugen in Qualität und Preis-Leistung. Das Isolat von Winforce ist noch etwas hochwertiger, da keine künstliche Zutaten verwendet werden. Geschmacklich ist das Isolat von Sponser etwas besser.

By (Mittellunden, Switzerland) on  09 Nov. 2017 (Sponser Whey Isolat CFM) :

Das beste Whey von Sponser

Sehr gut verträglich und fast keine Kohlenhydrate. Tip 2kg Beutel!

By (Lunden, Switzerland) on  19 May 2017 (Sponser Whey Isolat CFM) :

Whey Isolat 2kg Beutel

2Kg Beutel, sehr gute Qualität zu einem guten Preis!

By (Schiers, Switzerland) on  18 Oct. 2016 (Sponser Whey Isolat CFM) :

Gutes Preis Leistungsverhältnis

Whey Isolate mit sehr guter Preis - Leistung und angenehmer Geschmack ( Vanille)

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