Proteins Shake help you to build up muscle mass and are used in low carb diets or for recovery after exercise.

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    All-Stars 100% Whey Protein is a high quality protein source with whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

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    All Stars Hy-Pro 85 |  26 g of 4-component protein per portion. High in BCAAs and glutamine. Low carb and low fat. Very high biological value

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  • 34.90 CHF In Stock

    All-Stars Hy-Pro Deluxe contains 4 of the highest quality protein types: casein, milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and egg albumin.

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  • 19.90 CHF In Stock

    BioTech Nitro Pure Whey is a professional protein powder formula that contributes to muscle growth and maintenance. With 20.7 g protein per portion.

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  • 26.90 CHF In Stock

    BioTech Hydro Whey Zero | Pure hydrolysed whey protein isolate with an extremely high protein content, added amino acids and sweetener

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    BioTech Iso Whey Zero contains zero trans fat and zero added sugar. Only 22 g of pure muscle building protein in each serving.

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  • 29.35 CHF 41.90 CHF -30% In Stock

    Bounty Protein Bars - one of the most famous snacks now with an extra portion of protein and therefore ideal for fitness athletes.

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    Chiefs Milk Protein is a milk mixed drink from skimmed milk (lactose free). It has only 158 kcal and 25 g of protein per bottle.

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  • 36.90 CHF In Stock

    Chiefs Protein Bar - 20 grams of protein per bar and contains no added sugar

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    Dymatize Iso 100 with 25 g of whey protein isolate per serving. Free from sugar and fat and for suitable vegetarians.

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    ESN Designer Whey Protein approyimately 24 g whey protein per serving. Ideal for bodybuilders and strength athletes.

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    Inkospor Muscle 95 protein concentrate powder with 95% protein consisting of 4 protein components for strength athletes.

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    Inkospor Pro 80 Active is a high quality 4-component protein and contains 20 g of protein per serving.

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  • 22.00 CHF In Stock

    Inkospor Protein Shake Lactose Free the tasty protein shake after a workout.

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  • 32.00 CHF In Stock

    Inkospor Whey Protein High-value whey protein concentrate fortified with free form L-glutamine (8 g per 100 g). 

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  • 64.90 CHF In Stock

    INNERME Protein Bar - made from natural ingredients, without refined sugar

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  • 39.80 CHF In Stock

    Iron Maxx 100% Whey Protein in over 30 different flavors. Water based and up to 80% protein per 100 g powder

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  • 41.90 CHF In Stock

    M&M'S Protein Bar - super tasty and with a lot of protein!

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  • 41.90 CHF In Stock

    Mars Protein Bar - the chocolate bar with the extra portion of protein for on the go and after training

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  • 82.90 CHF In Stock

    Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein - Hiqh quality Whey Protein Complex (Isolate primary source) to support lean muscle growth.

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    Multipower Formula 80 provides high-quality protein. Low in milk sugars and fat it is ideal to meet increased protein requirements when exercising.

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