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ProFuel Vegain contains complex carbohydrates, no dyes, no artificial sweeteners and without maltodextrin.

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Allergies vegan
Dosage Form powder
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Who wants to constantly build muscle, should not only make the training steady progress, but also provide in the diet for a constant calorie surplus. The combination of heavy training with high calorie intake ensures that the body will adapt to the increased training level by building muscles. If the body is not sufficient and that inevitably means for muscle growth in excess supply of nutrients, this adjustment can not take place and the muscle building remains from. It has been found in practice that is precisely what many fail exercisers. Unfortunately, these people overestimate their daily food intake and mistakenly assume that they are already in a calorie surplus. If you ask then to lead these people over several days a diet protocol, it is found that it to 1000 kcal take usually between 500 kcal too little on the day to be, so that the muscle building is no longer factually possible.

ProFuel Vegain Lean Mass Gainer was developed with the aim of this gap to close quickly and effectively. ProFuel Vegain makes the combination of simple and complex carbohydrates and high-quality vegetable protein an ideal dietary supplement for muscle building. One serving (130 g) provides approximately 475 kcal from about 68 g carbohydrates, about 34 grams of protein and 6 grams of fat. Oat and buckwheat flour were used as a complex carbohydrate sources. For the protein pea protein was used - the same as for ProFuel Plantein pea. For the sweetness was waived sweetener as sucralose or stevia and instead uses brown cane sugar.

In the market maltodextrin is used in many Gainer products for carbohydrate storage. This is hardly sweet and almost tasteless. When viewed from the chemical side is composed of maltodextrin but from glucose molecules of different lengths. The glycemic index of maltodextrin is significantly higher than that of raw sugar cane (70) with a value of 105th These products contain gainer on the other side as well as artificial sweeteners, usually in the form of sucralose or aspartame. It is incomprehensible why a gainer product firstly with maltodextrin has an ingredient which, although made of sugar (glucose) is, however, by its structure brings no sweetness. On the other hand artificial sweeteners are used to sweeten the product. For this is the only explanation that the manufacturer can thereby make pretty the nutritional information of his product, there must be expelled virtually no sugar maltodextrin. When ProFuel Vegain contrast in comparison comparatively small amount (18%) whole cane sugar used for sweetening and instead dispensed artificial sweetness. Finally, this represents for the customer is the better option.

It is of course possible to cover the increased need for carbohydrates and protein than the normal diet readily. Who is over several months in a calorie surplus and thereby fed largely wholesome, will find that the appetite will progressively decrease and the daily food supply has become a proper object. ProFuel Vegain delivers against this background in the simplest manner, the extra bit of clean carbohydrates and proteins, which are required for further muscle building.

- Without Maltodextrin
- No dyes, no artificial sweeteners
- Contains complex carbohydrates
- Contains pea
- Slightly sweetened with cane sugar
- Per serving about 475 kcal, 68 g carbohydrates, 34 g protein and 6 grams of fat
- vegan

130 g of powder (6 scoops) and 500 ml of cold water into the shaker and shake for about 15 seconds well. Drink 1 to 2 servings daily. Recommended consumption is directly after your training and before sleep.

Oatmeal 49.5%, 23% pea protein, whole cane sugar, buckwheat flour 5.7%, flavor-reduced cocoa powder.


Nutrition facts: per 100 g per portion (130 g)
Energy 1546 kJ (365 kcal) 2009 kJ (475 kcal)
Fat 4.8 g 6.3 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 1 g 1.3 g
Carbohydrates 51.4 g 66.9 g
- of which sugars 18.7 g 24.3 g
Fibres 6.2 g 8 g
Protein 26.2 g 34 g
Salt 0.91 g 1.1 g
L-leucine 1.6 g 2.1 g
L-valine 1 g 1.3 g
L-isoleucine 0.9 g 1.1 g
L-lysine 1.4 g 1.8 g
L-threonine 0.79 g 1 g
L-phenylalanine 1 g 1.4 g
L-methionine 0.21 g 0.27 g
L-histidine 0.51 g 0.66 g
L-proline 0.91 g 1.1 g
L-tyrosine 0.76 g 0.98 g
L-arginine 1.7 g 2.2 g
L-glycine 0.81 g 1 g
L-cysteine 0.21 g 0.27 g
L-glutamic acid 3.3 g 4.3 g
L-aspartic acid 2.3 g 2.9 g
L-serine 1 g 1.3 g
L-alanine 0.86 g 1.1 g


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