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Profuel Alpha EAA - Essential Amino Acids.The optimized amino acid profile of Alpha.EAAs allows optimal utilization of the 8 amino acids

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Allergies vegan
Eating times post workout, during sports, pre workout

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PROFUEL® Alpha.EAA (EAA amino acids)
EAA products are currently experiencing a veritable hype in the fitness scene. But EAAs are not the same as EAAs. The quality of the raw materials, the taste and innovative amino acid profiles distinguish between "good" and really high quality EAA products. The PROFUEL® optimized amino acid profile of Alpha.EAAs allows your body to optimally utilize the 8 different amino acids, which in turn have been perfectly matched by our product developers. The PROFUEL® Alpha.EAAs are therefore not STANDARD - but CUSTOMIZED.

Essential Amino Acids - Meaning & Function
EAA is the abbreviation for Essential Amino Acids. These are the group of essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine and tryptophan. Essential means that these amino acids are vital to the human organism and must be ingested through food. From the essential amino acids, the body can in turn make other nonessential amino acids themselves. The individual amino acids form the basic building blocks of the human protein metabolism (protein biosynthesis). The body needs amino acids to build up muscles, organs, body tissues, plasma protein, enzymes, messengers, etc. In a nutshell, carbohydrates and fats are energy sources for the body while proteins, or more precisely amino acids, function as "building materials." An optimal supply of essential amino acids is the basic requirement for building and maintaining muscle and a fast and effective recovery. Especially athletes should therefore attach great importance to an adequate supply of essential amino acids.

Alpha.EAAs are better than protein powder !?
The body has to split the food protein into individual amino acids before the body can absorb and process them. This splitting process begins in the stomach and continues in the intestine. Through these digestive processes, it takes several hours for the body to split and reabsorb the amino acids from the dietary protein. To accelerate this uptake process, proteins also contain so-called hydrolysates. This is partially broken protein, which is absorbed much faster by the body. The Alpha.EAAs, however, are single amino acids that the body does not have to split any further but can directly absorb. Measurements have shown that it only takes about 20 minutes from drinking, until the amino acids flow into the bloodstream and are available to the body. If you want to provide your body with essential amino acids quickly and effectively, you should prefer the Alpha.EAAs to a classic protein shake. Especially for the supplementation around the training the Alpha.EAAs are outstandingly suitable. The Alpha.EAAs can be taken as a pre-, intra- or post-workout drink.

Protein supply without calories !?
The main function of the amino acids is to act as a building block for the development of the body's own protein (muscle mass, body tissues, enzymes etc.). One speaks here of the anabolic (anabolic) metabolism. Since the amino acids are retained in this build-up process, there are no calories or metabolic waste products. As a secondary function, the amino acids can also be "burned" to generate energy. In this catabolic (depleting) protein metabolism, the amino acids are gradually transformed into blood sugar (glucose). This produces metabolic end products, which must be further processed by the liver and eliminated via the kidneys as urea.

The so-called net amino acid utilization (NAV) indicates how much% of the absorbed amino acids follow the anabolic (calorie-free) active principle. In the product development of Alpha.EAAs, our goal was to achieve the highest possible net amino acid utilization. For this purpose, we have chosen a special amino acid profile, which has been highlighted in several studies by a particularly high net amino acid utilization of 99%. In this optimized amino acid profile, only 1% of the absorbed amino acids are "burned" by the catabolic metabolism. Against this background, the calorific value for this optimized amino acid profile can be assumed to be just 1%, ie 0.04 kcal / g, instead of the 4 kcal / g. A portion of Alpha.EAA provides 10 g of essential amino acids and has this calculation method result in just 0.4 kcal.

With a portion of PROFUEL® Alpha.EAA you can fill up the essential amino acid pool in the body almost free of calories.

In the underlying studies, 25 g dietary protein was replaced by 10 g EAA. This can be used as a rule of thumb.
Alpha.EAA application areas
Optimized net amino acid utilization makes the Alpha.EAAs ideal for both diet and muscle building. During a diet or fat loss phase, the Alpha.EAAs provide the body with virtually no calories and essential amino acids. This leaves more calories left over for carbohydrates and fats. For athletes and bodybuilders with an increased protein requirement, the Alpha.EAAs offer the possibility to add additional "protein" without unnecessarily burdening the organism. In addition to a lower burden on the urea cycle (liver, kidneys) also significantly fewer acids are formed, which is particularly interesting for people who pay attention to a balanced acid-base balance, is of great interest.

Profuel Alpha.EAA - 100% quality made in Germany
The PROFUEL Alpha.EAAs are high-dose and deliver a full 10 g of EAA per serving. The individual essential amino acids are obtained by fermentation from corn. Due to a special microencapsulation with sunflower lecithin (no soy!) The Alpha.EAAs have an excellent solubility. Likewise, the addition of sugar was completely omitted. The Alpha.EAAs have inherited the sensational taste of our ALPHAMINOS and are therefore justifiably bearing the name ALPHA. The Alpha.EAAs are currently available in the ingenious flavors Ice Tea Peach (Ice Tea Peach) and Blood Orange (Blood Orange). In addition, as always, we consistently refrain from using artificial dyes.

- 10 g pure EAA per serving
- Optimized amino acid profile
- Fast bioavailability (about 20 minutes)
- Suitable as a pre-, intra-, post-workout
- Sensational taste
- Excellent solubility
- sugar free and without soy
- Without synthetic colouring
- 100% vegan

Place 14 g (2 scoops) in a shaker with 500 ml of water, shake for about 5 seconds and drink as needed 30 minutes before training (PRE), during exercise (INTRA) or immediately after training (POST).

Acidifier Citric Acid L-Leucine L-Lysine HCL L-Valine L-Isoleucine L-Phenylalanine L-Threonine Inulin L-Methionine Aroma L-Tryptophan Caramel Emulsifier Sunflower Lecithin Sweeteners Sucralose; Acesulfame K Maltodextrin


Nährwertangaben: pro 100 g pro Portion (14 g)
Leucin 14 g 1.96 g
Valin 11.9 g 1.66 g
Isoleucin 10.6 g 1.48 g
Lysin 10.2 g 1.43 g
Threonin 7.9 g 1.11 g
Phenylalanin 9.1 g 1.28 g
Methionin 5 g 0.7 g
Tryptophan 2.7 g 0.38 g
Gesamt essentielle Aminosäuren 71.4 g 10 g


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