meal replacement

Meal replacement for supporting weight loss. Various shakes as a meal replacement for dieters. 

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    Biomed inShape is a protein-rich nutrient concentrate, which stirred up in 200 ml of skim milk a dietary liquid food by 200 kcal per serving results.

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    Hammer Vegan Protein is rich source of muscle-building amino acids. Supports digestive system health.

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    My Protein Protein muffin mix is an excellent protein short cut that is developed using several different sources of protein 

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    My protein Protein Pancake Mix | High protein snack, easy to make, ideal choice for breakfast or as a nutritious snack

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    Sponser Protein Drink - Low fat protein drink with 25 g of protein and 13 g carbohydrates per 330 ml.

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    Delicious milkshake with a high biological value thanks to milk and egg proteins.

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    TopWell Light Protein Drink contains 120 calories per serving, has a low fat and lactose content and no added sugar.

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