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Fitnfemale BCAA has the proven 2:1:1 formula and supports muscle build-up and regeneration.

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Allergies gluten free, lactose free
Dosage Form powder
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Fitnfemale BCAA supports muscle building and regeneration. The powder is distinguished by its sensational taste and has the proven 2:1:1 formula.

What you should know about BCAA:
Many fitness and especially nutritional trends, which make your workout more effective and help shape your body, come from the USA - so to speak the motherland of fitness consciousness. A glance over the pond reveals that science has analyzed the effects of BCAA more than ten years ago and so the sensible and perceptible effects of the BCAA are, so to speak, scientifically underlined. The Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) are branched-chain amino acids that improve the quality of the metabolism in the way that the muscle build-up is sustainably improved during your training.

BCAAs stimulate the protein formation of skeletal muscles when taken as a dietary supplement. Leucine is the main source of protein formation, with isoleucine and valine. A variety of processes are stimulated by BCAA, including the phosphorylation of the ribosomal protein and other processes that improve metabolism and ultimately make your training even more effective and effective.

The amino acids help you to determine fast success in the training and satisfy the enormous demand of the muscles addressed by the training.

The main advantages and functions of the amino acids: fuel and catalyst for the cells. The effects of amino acids on your body are manifold. Unfortunately, amino acids are not so concentrated in conventional foods that their intake is sufficient for the increased need of an ambitious athlete.

In many forums it is surprisingly discussed whether the amino acids act. In fact, the effect is already scientifically proven, only in the question of the dosage or the time of the intake (before or after the training) there are different, varying opinions.

If you want an even more admirable body, then you should also think about fat burning and how it can be supported. Whether you measure your body fat or simply look in the mirror or compare with people who have not yet started training, you will quickly see how the fat burns when amino acids help the muscles in the energy consumption and the growth hormones The strong fibers of the body grow. Cover the increased nutrient requirement by providing the valuable building blocks for the muscles and not by simple fat intake. Soon you will see how the body feels firmer and feels even better. The amino acids are also indirectly something like a good fat burner by the metabolism-boosting effect.

In many articles the extensive interactions of the amino acids are described below. For this reason, it is recommended to use proven amino acid preparations, each of which has a coordinated portion of the most important amino acids and does not unnecessarily burden the body with additional fats and dietary fibers. The pure intake of BCAA also avoids excessive strain on the digestion, which in turn would lead to less sporting performance and less fun in the sport. BCAA dietary supplements are also often enriched with vitamins - such as the vitamin B6 - so that the premature fatigue of the athlete can be avoided.

The first of the body-enhancing effects of BCAA show up already with an additional 6 g per day. Even better, an intake of 10 g, which is tuned to the time and the beginning of the training, proves itself. Because the muscles consume most of the amino acids during training and have a real "hunger" for build-up products, we recommend taking them before or during the workout. With the amino acids you tell the fat tissue the fight and the fresh taste provides even more pep during the workout.

For the question of overdosing or underdosing, you should assume that amino acids are substances that are present in the body rather than completely synthetic products. It is quite clear that, in the absence of amino acids, important body functions, which are based on the metabolism, can be impaired or restricted. The physicians describe in various studies that a "too little" amino acids would not provide the body's neutron transmitters and the brain too badly. Whether this can lead to depression and a bad mood is not yet clarified. However, the reverse is clear very quickly: With a good amino acid supply and a training you mold muscles and body and stimulate not only the metabolism and the positive messenger substances but also your own well-being and self-confidence. So you can say, through amino acids and sports-conscious lives, some health hazards can be avoided.

Perhaps you remember the first, correct muscle soreness after the workout and that this has already been used in the second or third workout after a higher load: With BCAA increases the amino acid content in your body and your muscles so that this is on More "fuel" or "building blocks" for the combustion.

- per 100 ml only just 12 kcal
- 2: 1: 1 formula
- incredibly refreshing taste (fruit)
- Aspartame free of gluten and lactose

Mix 10 g of powder with 300 ml of water per hour of training as a pre- or intra-workout drink. BCAA is primarily in the Pre / Intra Workout phase, but can also be taken after training (post-workout) if necessary. Daily 1 to 3 servings with (ice cold) water as required.

In combination with a diet: dissolve 10 to 12 g of BCAA after training in 1 liter of water and drink 1.5 to 3 hours (to the next eating window).

L-leucine (33.3%), L-isoleucine (16.6%), L-valine (16.6%), acidifying agent (citric acid), flavoring, fructose, sweetener (sodium cyclamate, sodium saccharin, neohesperidine), dye (gel boron).


Nutrition facts: per portion (10 g)
Energy 38 kcal
Carbohydrates 1.3 g
- of which sugars 1.3 g
Fat 0 g
BCAA 6.33 g
- of which l-leucine 3.33 g
- of which l-isoleucine 1.66 g
- of which l-valine 1.66 g


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