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Effective Nature Zeolith capsules for the removal of heavy metals and neutralizes acids.

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Effective Nature Zeolite capsules are a micronized clinoptilolite zeolite, which causes a considerable reduction in the ammonium and heavy metal load of the body, especially in the case of lead, cadmium or mercury. The metabolism of kidney, liver, pancreas and blood is thereby relieved.

Zeolite is one of the few agents that binds acids and heavy metals strongly to themselves and brings them to excretion. The liver, the kidneys, the pancreas, the blood and the entire digestive system are relieved. Metallothionein complexes (body structure that bind heavy metals) are freed from their load and are free again to bind heavy metal deposits throughout the body and excrete via the kidney.

Zeolite is a microporous tufa of volcanic origin.

Zeolite was micronized, resulting in a significant surface enhancement of the powder. Thus, it retains the ability to bind and secrete toxins. The binding of radionuclides such as cesium and strontium is also described. The intestine is restored to its natural balance and the liver, kidneys and blood are relieved. Zeolite permeates your body like an ardent garbage collector and frees it from harmful substances, 13 heavy metals as well as cesium are preferentially bound, which is why essential minerals such as zinc, iron and manganese are still available to the body.

The body has its own mechanisms for heavy metal rejection. These so-called metallothionein complexes bind heavy metals throughout the body and bring them via the blood stream via the kidneys to the excretion. The capacity of these complexes, however, has its limits.

People were 100 years less contaminated with pollutants 100 years ago than is the case today. Today, poisons are omnipresent due to traffic, conventional agriculture and industry. Lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, mercury, mold fungi, pesticides, tobacco smoke, fine dust, formaldehyde and much more surrounds us day by day. Depending on the personal detoxification ability, a large part of the toxins arriving in the body are again discharged. However, some parts remain in the body so that over the years considerable amounts of poison can accumulate which contribute to numerous chronic diseases: exhaustion, allergies, headache, immune deficiency, repeated infections, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, skin diseases, memory disorder and much more. Detoxification not only frees the body from toxins but also can help to alleviate many complaints.

All people who benefit from a zeolite cure:
- suffer from chronic diseases
- suffer from renal or hepatic impairment
- take a fasting or detoxification
- show signs of hyperacidity
- Have trouble
- regularly take medication
- smoking
- Replace Amalgan fillings

Particularly urgent indications are where the suspected metabolic function is associated with a deficient metabolic function which is causally associated with heavy metal stress, as well as in cases of renal or hepatic impairment, since the detoxification functions of the kidneys and the liver can be severely impaired or even paralyzed at high loads.

- for the disposal of heavy metals
- neutralizes acids
- approved medical device
- Naur zeolite of volcanic origin

3 times daily drink 2 to 4 capsules with plenty of liquid (at least 0.2 l) 30 minutes before the main meals.

To be taken as a 24-day cure. After an uninterrupted 24-day period of use, keep at least 5 days before the application can be repeated. Provide adequate liquid supply in the form of water or alcohol-free beverages during use. If the fluid supply is insufficient, clogging can occur. If clogging occurs, the liquid supply must be increased. Cardiac and / or renal patients should undergo a regular check on the blood-potassium level. When taking other therapeutics at the same time, a time interval of at least 2 hours should be considered.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children. Not suitable for pregnant women and infants, as well as for patients after organ transplantation. Patients with renal impairment should consult their physician before treatment.

Micronized zeolite 624 mg, sodium bicarbonate 155 mg, water 24 mg, magnesium stearate 6 mg, cellulose capsule (HPMC) 120 mg.


Nutrition facts: per capsule
Micronized zeolite 624 mg
Sodium hydrogencarbonate 155 mg
Water 24 mg
Magnesium stearate 6 mg
Cellulose capsule (HPMC) 120 mg


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