Dietary supplements of all popular brands. The range includes all well-known labels and brands from Switzerland, Europe and the US. Now simply select the brand of trust.

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    4Protection ActiCaps with glucosamine, minerals, OM24 and vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen for healthy cartilage function

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    4Protection BasoCaps | Guard against acute and chronic acidosis. Restore calcium / magnesium balance in the body.

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  • 48.00 CHF In Stock

    4Protection Permanent prolongs endurance at a high level. Increases concentration and mental strength. Acid defense against acute and chronic acidosis

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  • 3.90 CHF In Stock

    4Protection Recovery Drink provides short-term energy before and after competition. Increases focus and resistance to stress and attention span.

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  • 59.90 CHF In Stock

    4Protection soy protein contains an optimized amino acid profile with a high proportion of L-leucine. Fills the body's own protein stores.

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    4Protection Tablets reduce inflammation associated with training and competition. Increase physical and mental capacity and shorten recovery time.

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    4Protection Starter is a high performance combination for performance improvement. Increases focus and attention span. Fast power supply.

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  • 62.90 CHF In Stock

    4Protection Whey Protein | Whey protein-based protein building. Contains all essential vitamins and trace elements. Lactose and gluten free.

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  • 44.70 CHF In Stock

    Activomin is a medical product used to improve your general state of health and well being by correcting stomach, intestinal and metabolic disorders

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  • 75.00 CHF In Stock

    All-Stars 100% Whey Protein is a high quality protein source with whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

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  • 54.00 CHF In Stock

    Die neuen Amino 9500 sind in zwei Geschmacksrichtungen erhältlich. Aus reinem Rinder-Protein-Isolat und hochkonzentrierter Aminosäuren pro Shot.

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  • 53.80 CHF In Stock

    All-Stars Amino Liquid is the perfect alternative for those who do not like to take the tablets. It's a liquid that has to be diluted with water only.

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  • 67.30 CHF In Stock

    Enthält ausschliesslich reine, kristalline Aminosäuren in freier Form und höchster Qualität. 132 Kapseln Aminotropin á 8406mg Free Form Aminosäuren.

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  • 58.90 CHF In Stock

    BCAAs in 100% freier Form in gewohnter Top Qualität. Fördert die Erholungsphasen nach intensiven Trainingseinheiten und unterstützt den Muskelaufbau.

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  • 83.70 CHF In Stock

    All Stars Casein Protein ist die ideale Eiweiss-Versorgung vor dem schlafen gehen. In verschiedenen Geschmäckern erhältlich. Sehr lecker und cremig.

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  • 3.20 CHF In Stock
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    All-Stars Clean Bar with 60g Low Carb protein and 20 g High Quality Whey and Milk Protein. Ideal for sporty types in the diet and definition phase.

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  • 49.80 CHF In Stock

    240 Creatin Kapseln á 800 mg Creatin Monohydrat von All Stars. Steigerung der Maximalkraft und Verbesserung der Schnellkraft.

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  • 38.60 CHF In Stock

    100% reines, Creatin Monohydrat in Pulverform. All Stars Creatin Pulver ist geschmacksneutral und lässt sich leicht in Wasser oder Fruchtsaft auflösen

    38.60 CHF
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  • 74.90 CHF In Stock

    Knuspriger Eiweissriegel mit hochwertigem Eiweiss und leckerer Vanille-Caramel-Füllung, Vollmilchschokolade und Crisphülle. Ideal als Zwischensnack.

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  • 51.60 CHF In Stock

    Mehr Muskeln, mehr Kraft und schnellere Regeneration nach intensivem Training. Mit 5000 mg hochreinem L-Glutamin pro Portion.

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  • 30.70 CHF In Stock

    All Stars Hy-Pro 85 ist die ideale Proteinquelle zur Ergänzung Ihres täglichen Eiweissbedarfs. Mit vielen wichtigen Aminosäuren.

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