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ProFuel NEXUS Proteinriegel


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NEXUS - the perfect vegan protein bar - incredibly delicious with just 99 kcal


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NEXUS - the perfect vegan protein bar - unbelievably delicious with just 99 kcal With the NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' protein bar you get full chocolate enjoyment: A delicate chocolate core, garnished with crunchy chocolate crisps and the whole thing is covered with a fine, crunchy chocolate. Sugar? None! Our NEXUS protein bar contains no added sugar, but instead is packed with plant-based protein and valuable fiber.

And the best thing is: Thanks to its ultra-slim 99 kcal, you can fully enjoy the mega-tasty NEXUS protein bar without having a bad conscience afterwards. Whether as a protein kick after exercise, as a protein-rich dessert or simply for a little hunger in between - the NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' provides your body with high-quality protein and gives you a chocolaty moment of pleasure.

The NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' protein bar in numbers

99 kcal calories (calorific value) 30% protein 95% less sugar

All specifications per NEXUS protein bar (30 g)

The delicious NEXUS protein bar weighs just 99 kcal and is therefore guaranteed to fit into any nutritional plan. With its proud 30% protein, the NEXUS protein bar has an extraordinarily high protein content and thus provides a whopping 9 grams of high-quality vegan protein per bar. Compared to classic chocolate bars from the supermarket, the NEXUS Vegan Protein Bar contains approx. 95% less sugar and is therefore particularly low in sugar ("low-sugar").

NEXUS protein bar - unbelievably chocolaty delicious An unbelievably delicious chocolate treat - without any sugar, but packed with valuable protein and the whole thing is less than 100 kcal. That sounds completely impossible at first, but that's exactly what was achieved with the new NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' protein bar.

Thanks to the unique interplay of its delicate, chocolatey core, the crunchy chocolate protein crispies and a fine chocolate coating, you can expect an intense chocolate taste and a wonderful consistency. Just how a delicious chocolate bar should be!

The NEXUS protein bar tastes so outrageously delicious that you almost forget that it is still an absolutely high-quality fitness snack. And the best thing is: Thanks to its slim 99 kcal per bar, you can treat yourself to a delicious NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' without a guilty conscience whenever you feel like it.

Vegan protein bar - packed with valuable plant-based protein The NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' protein bar is not only incredibly delicious, but also provides your body with a good portion of high-quality plant-based protein. For this purpose, the NEXUS contains a perfectly balanced combination of 4 vegan protein sources - sunflower, hemp, soy and pumpkin.

The vegetable protein mix is ​​supplemented by the crunchy protein crispies, which not only give the NEXUS protein bar a wonderful crunch, but also increase the protein content even further. All in all, the NEXUS protein bar has an extraordinarily high protein content of a whopping 30%!

Each protein bar provides your body with a really good dose of plant-based protein with a full 9 grams of protein. Whether as a protein kick after training, as a delicious dessert with a meal or simply as a small snack in between - the NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' provides your body with valuable protein and thus makes an important contribution to an optimal protein supply.

NEXUS - the perfect protein snack with only 99 kcal Who doesn't know it? It's been a while since your last meal, your stomach is growling again and suddenly you get a real craving for something sweet. In such a situation, one likes to treat oneself to a sweet treat - but then a bad conscience quickly catches up with it.

With the NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' this way of thinking is a thing of the past! The protein bar not only has an incredibly delicious chocolate taste - with just 99 kcal, the protein bar is also guaranteed to fit into your nutritional plan, so that you can fully enjoy the NEXUS.

Even more! You really get something for the 99 kcal, because the NEXUS protein bar provides you with an impressive 9 grams of high-quality plant-based protein and thus supports your fitness goals. And thanks to the particularly low sugar content in combination with a high fiber content, the protein bar also keeps you full for much longer than a normal chocolate bar.

Vegan protein bars with the best ingredients - sustainably manufactured in Germany Animal ingredients such as milk protein or inferior collagen hydrolyzate from slaughterhouse waste are fundamentally out of the question for us. Instead, we rely on high-quality and 100% vegan ingredients for our NEXUS 'Double Choco Crispy' protein bar. For the pleasant sweetness, we use sugar-free alternatives with erythritol, maltitol and stevia instead of sugar, agave syrup and the like. This not only saves unnecessary calories, but also gives the NEXUS protein bar an extremely low sugar content of just 0.32 grams per bar.

The production takes place exclusively in Germany and is therefore subject to the strict German guidelines for the production of food and regular controls. In addition, the environment is also actively protected through short delivery and transport routes. When it comes to packaging, we also value sustainability and made sure that it can be 100% recycled.


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Packing - Pack 12 Stk., Flavor - Double Chocolate Crispy


Dark chocolate with sweetener maltitol (30%) (cocoa mass, sweetener maltitol, cocoa butter, emulsifier lecithin, aroma), soy protein crispies (18%) (soy protein isolate, cocoa powder, tapioca starch), protein blend (16%) (soy protein isolate, sunflower protein, hemp protein, pumpkin seed protein ), bulking agent polydextrose, sweetener maltitol, humectant glycerin, oligofructose syrup, sweetener (erythritol, steviol glycosides from stevia), flavoring, cocoa powder, low-fat (1.2%), table salt, thickener gum arabic, emulsifier lecithin.

Note: Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

Vegan protein bar with sweeteners. chocolate flavor.

Nutrition facts
Energy in kcal 99
Energy in kj 416
Fat 4,0 g
   Saturated Fat 2,3 g
Carbohydrate 11,5 g
   Sugars 0,32 g
Protein 9 g
Salt 0,36 g
Caffeine Nein
Origin Deutschland