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    CREATINE Monohydrate is a highly effective, effective creatine supplement with 100% Creapure®, the premium creatine monohydrate from Germany.

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    CREATINE Monohydrate - 100% Creapure® Premium Creatine Monohydrate

    CREATINE Monohydrate is a highly effective, effective creatine supplement with 100% Creapure®, the premium creatine monohydrate from Germany. More power & More power for your muscles - with ProFuel CREATINE Monohydrate the name says it all: The creatine monohydrate supports the energy transport in the muscle cells and thus improves performance. ProFuel CREATINE Monohydrate with high-quality creatine monohydrate is therefore the perfect supplement for all athletes who want to get more out of themselves.

    One serving (1 scoop) of CREATINE Monohydrate contains 3.4 grams of creatine monohydrate, which is 3 grams of pure creatine. No ingredients of animal origin are used in the production of the Creapure® raw material - ProFuel Creatine Monohydrate is of course 100% vegan.

    CREATINE Monohydrate: More strength & more power through creatine

    Creatine is THE dietary supplement when it comes to naturally increasing muscle performance. Creatine is therefore particularly popular as an effective supplement in strength and fitness sports and has become indispensable. But creatine is also a very useful building block in sports nutrition apart from the classic muscle building and bodybuilding area.

    Taking creatine improves the speed and maximum strength of the muscles. Short, high-intensity muscular exertions occur in many sports, such as swimming, track and field, and wrestling. This type of muscle strain can also be found in team sports such as football or handball, in which fast sprints are repeatedly inserted. In short: ProFuel CREATINE Monohydrate with 100% creatine monohydrate ensures that you have noticeably more power at your disposal and thus become more efficient.

    CREATINE monohydrate to increase performance - how creatine works in the body

    Creatine improves muscle performance by improving energy supply. The exact mode of action of creatine monohydrate has been researched in depth and the effectiveness of creatine for strength and muscle building has been proven by a large number of studies: Taking creatine first increases the supply of creatine and creatine phosphate in the muscle cells.</ p>

    The muscle cells need adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as "fuel" during intensive exertion, such as occurs in strength and muscle building training. The ATP is converted into the low-energy adenosine diphosphate (ADP). The creatine phosphate gives off its phosphate content to the ADP and thus generates fresh ATP and thus new "fuel" for the muscles. In this way, creatine improves the performance of muscle cells in sports. At the same time, creatine also supports muscle recovery after intense exercise. The result: Faster gains in strength and increased muscle growth - thanks to creatine.

    CREATINE Monohydrate: Better muscle building with creatine

    The most important key to fast and effective muscle building is continuous increase in training - more weight, more repetitions, more sets. By improving the supply of energy in the muscle cells, creatine helps you to cope with more weight and, thanks to improved regeneration, to do more repetitions and sets. In this way, thanks to creatine, you can set new stimuli for additional muscle growth and thus build muscles quickly and effectively.

    In addition to improving the performance of the muscles, creatine also leads to an optical enlargement of the muscles. Creatine retains water within the muscle cells and in this way ensures both a slight increase in weight and a plumper appearance of the muscles. Unfortunately, the myth that creatine causes a bloated look due to water retention still persists. However, since creatine only draws water into the muscle cells and not under the skin, you can also take creatine during a fat loss phase without any problems. Many athletes even take creatine in the definition phase to compensate for the typical loss of strength in the diet with creatine.

    Best Creatine - Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine is not only available nowadays in the classic form of creatine monohydrate, but also in many other forms such as creatine HCL, creatine ethyl ester, dicreatine malate, creatine pyruvate, etc. Over 99% of the conducted all research on the mode of action and effectiveness of creatine with creatine monohydrate. Behind the additional benefit of these exotic forms of creatine is usually a marketing hype that is intended to justify the extra charge for the raw material. These exotic forms of creatine are usually filled in capsules (made of gelatin), which in turn are colored in bright shades with artificial food coloring in order to look as "effective" as possible.

    ProFuel focuses on quality instead of hype and uses the premium raw material Creapure® for ProFuel CREATINE Monohydrate - a pure creatine monohydrate, which is manufactured by AlzChem in Germany. Due to the patented manufacturing process, Creapure® is the creatine raw material with the highest quality and purity. The creatine powder is tasteless and can be easily dissolved in liquids. That's why ProFuel has dispensed with unnecessary capsules and instead offers ProFuel CREATINE Monohydrate at a very fair price.

    CREATINE Monohydrate | 100% Creapure® | Recommended intake

    Recommended time to take


    Before training

    After training



    Dissolve one or two scoops of CREATINE in a glass of liquid of your choice (e.g. water, fruit juice, amino acid drink, etc.) and drink.

    Our recommendation

    For an optimal effect, we recommend that you take one or two scoops of CREATINE daily, depending on your training level. One scoop of creatine monohydrate is fine for newcomers, and two scoops for those who train regularly or at an advanced level. The time of intake is less important, it is much more important that you take CREATINE every day so that the creatine stores in your body are always optimally replenished. You can also use the creatine powder together with the ProFuel pre-workout booster TUNNELBLICK or the JUST! Take PUMP-Booster before your workout or add it to your post-workout protein shake.


    Data sheet

    histamine free
    chicken egg free
    nut free
    fructose free
    gluten free
    lactose free
    soy free
    cow milk free
    Dosage Form
    Dosage Form
    Eating times
    post workout
    Eating times
    pre workout

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