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Momentum lifestyle programm helps you losing weight or maintain weight : these are two seperate goals

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Momentum lifestyle programme
Weight loss and weight maintenance: these are two separate goals. To achieve these goals, you need more than a temporary diet. So Momentum has developed a dedicated 3Stage Plan. No miracle cure, but a responsible programme which enables you to lose weight healthily – monitored by a qualified Momentum Coach – and more importantly: teaches you a healthy diet and exercise pattern.

How does it work?
Momentum® is a responsible lifestyle programme, consisting of three easy stages: a diet stage, stabilisation stage and a lifestyle stage. The diet stage lasts 27 days and involves a balanced a diet with ­tasty (low fat and carbohydrate) recipes in combination with two dietary supplements - Carnitrin® and Momentum® Multi Vita - which supplement deficiencies or extra needs in the diet where necessary. During the stabilisation stage, you gradually expand your diet to a normal eating pattern in order to stabilise your new weight. The third and last stage provides nutritional guidelines, exercise tips and recipes to enable you to continue your healthy lifestyle. The aim is to achieve a healthy and energetic life. The most important thing is that you enjoy eating e and ‘cheating’ is allowed on occasion. It’s all about finding the right balance between good food and a healthy weight.

The diet
Specially for the programme, we developed a balanced diet. Not just to lose weight, but to teach yourself how to live a healthy lifestyle. The Momentum diet consists of healthy and tasty meals featuring lots of vegetables, fish and meat. No meal replacements, but healthy, honest food, which makes it easy to stick to the diet. At this website, you will regularly find new recipes. We have also joined forces with a chef to create several tasty weekly menus which you can find in the programme manual.

For whom?
The Momentum lifestyle programme is suitable for adult men and women who wish to lose weight safely and discover a healthy lifestyle. Gourmet lovers who want balance in their exercise- and dietary pattern ánd in their weight. Interested? Please fill in our contact form for more information.

What can you expect?
The Momentum lifestyle programme consists of a 3 Stage plan (with an extensive guide, tips & tricks and tasty weekly menus), a shopping list, a handy diet overview and a tape measure to record your results. Furthermore, the programme contains two dietary supplements - Carnitrin® and Momentum® Multi Vita – which can address any deficiencies or extra dietary needs where necessary. Basic monitoring by a qualified Momentum Coach is included and intensive support can also be provided.

Inspiration and motivation
Are you following the Momentum® lifestyle programme or do you plan to start soon? If so, check out this website now and then. Here you will find inspiration and motivation at any time of the day as well as other news, background information, tasty recipes, other people’s experiences and handy tips.

Stage 1 – Diet Stage
Stage 1 – the Diet Stage – lasts (only!) 27 days and concerns primarily the loss of excess, unhealthy fat. This stage consists of a fat- and low-carb diet with healthy and tasty recipes, two supportive food supplements: Carnitrin® en Multi Vita, and professional supervision (in person, by telephone, or via email).

Stage 2 – Stabilisation Stage
The Stabilisation Stage is a period of 21 days during which the diet is slowly supplemented so that your weight stabilizes (read: no yo-yo effect) and often actually decreases. Haven’t met your target weight? Just remain in Stage 2 until you are ready. In this case, the food supplement Momentum Carnitine® offers support and Multi Vita is also recommended.

Stage 3 – Life Stage
In the Life Stage you’ll be given the tools you need for – you guessed it – the rest of your life. Above all, in this stage you’ll apply what you learned in stages 1 and 2 about making healthy choices. This stage is primarily focused on finding a balance that fits you.


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