Maurten SOLID 225

    Maurten SOLID 225


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    Back to the basics. Solid revolutionizes by using only those ingredients that are essential.

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    Back to basics. Solid 225 revolutionizes by only using those ingredients that are essential. The result is an oat and rice based bar designed for performance. Each solid contains 225 calories and 44g carbohydrates.

    Solid 225 is Maurten's first non-hydrogel product developed around our founding principles – Science, Athlete Feedback, Nutritional Science and Innovation. It may look and taste like a classic energy bar, but it's definitely not your average energy bar.

    Solid 225 tastes sweet and natural.

    0% Hydrogel 100% Maurten

    Even with Maurten's first non-hydrogel product, they value what makes their dependable GEL and DRINK products so unique. Maurten trusts science. Maurten take the relentless feedback from the athletes seriously. Maurten filter out what is really important. The focus is on performance.

    Sorry, it's not a hydrogel. But still uncompromising Maurten.

    Fuel your fast - Supplement to your hydrogel

    A reliable addition to your hydrogel diet. This is Solid 225.

    Solid 225 is not a substitute for the hydrogel in training and competitions - it is used as a supplement.

    For marathon runners, Solid 225 is the perfect recovery snack to quickly replace carbohydrates after training or competition. Solid 225 can also be used as a pre-race meal replacement. For cyclists, Solid 225 is an excellent source of energy for low- to medium-intensity rides, as well as an effective pre- or post-workout snack.

    Basically, ultrarunners are advised to eat solid food every 4 hours. The salt content of Solid 225 allows additional renewal of the sodium level during long training sessions or in competition.

    For triathletes, Solid 225 is the optimal fuel between training sessions as well as a recovery snack after training or competition to quickly replace carbohydrates. They say that exceptional performance is built on a solid foundation - we agree.

    New trition

    What was originally an extra service for our top athletes steadily developed into a commercial idea and the Solid journey began: "What's good enough for our top performers must be good enough for all athletes".< /p>

    Both research and feedback from our athletes made us quickly realize that there aren't many high-quality options for a performance-oriented energy bar. The result is Solid - Pure and simple.


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    Dosage Form
    Dosage Form
    Eating times
    post workout
    Eating times
    pre workout
    Eating times
    during sports

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    Packing - Pack 1 Stk., Flavor - Natural


    Fructose-glucose Syrup Gluten-free Oat Maltodextrin Rice flour Sugar Sunflower Oil Glucose Syrup Rice Bran Salt Emulsifier (Lecithin) Rice extract


    Nutrition facts
    Energy in kcal 225
    Energy in kj 950
    Fat 3.6 g
       Saturated Fat 0.6 g
    Carbohydrate 44.6 g
       Sugars 18.8 g
    Protein 2.6 g
    Salt 0.66 g
    Caffeine 0
    Origin Dänemark