Maurten Gel 160

    Maurten Gel 160


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    Maurten Gel 160 - for all athletes who want more energy in a gel.

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    Traveling longer? Take more. It's that simple. Gel 160 is designed for athletes who want more energy in every gel. In endurance sports, it is important to replenish energy regularly in order to maintain performance. Every moment of refueling must count. And the further you go, the more carbohydrates you need to maintain your performance.

    Maurten Gel 160 helps athletes achieve the right amount of carbohydrates per hour with proven hydrogel technology - no matter the situation.

    The Gel 160 is a larger hydrogel version - each serving contains 40 grams of carbohydrates. Proven technology with only 6 natural ingredients - no added colors, preservatives or flavors. For athletes who want more energy in every gel to fuel their training and competitions.

    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.





    Calcium carbonate

    Gluconic acid

    Sodium alginate

    This is still the gel. Still the "cleanest" Still the best. Still no dyes. Still no preservatives. Simply still hydrogel – that’s the innovation. Gel 160 uses the technology that has been proven to work for athletes - only more so. 40 grams of carbohydrates in each 65 gram bag.

    Different situations require different approaches to consuming the right amount of carbohydrates every hour. Gel 160 offers you more options - to refine your strategy. The Fuel Guide gives you tips on how to combine Gel 160 with other products in the Maurten ecosystem to fuel your training and run the race you want.

    GEL 100 VS. GEL 160

    Gel 100 and Gel 160 use the same patented Maurten Hydrogel technology with the same ratio of fructose and glucose – 0.8:1.

    Gel 100 has 25 grams of carbohydrates and Gel 160 has 40 grams. Both sizes are interchangeable depending on the training or racing situation. It is a system that allows athletes to optimize their energy supply strategy.

    Maurten products are developed for endurance athletes. Driven by research and science to solve problems and improve performance. It started in 2015. Maurten's patented hydrogel technology - encapsulating high concentrations of carbohydrates - made refueling during exercise easier to tolerate. The innovation meant less stomach discomfort.

    The longer the race. The further the training session. The more time passes. It's easy to forget or miss refueling. It's a quirk of endurance sports that sometimes the more time we have to think, the less focused we are on doing the right thing. And yet – here’s the thing – the longer we are out there, the more important refueling becomes. When the race is hectic, when there are fewer opportunities to stop, when you have to keep your head down, refueling is neglected. “I’ll eat at the top of the climb. I'll eat next time I stop. I eat when I catch the person in front of me.” Good intentions – but time passes. The kilometers pass. And before you know it, fatigue has caught up with you instead. Gel 160 contains more energy in each bag - 40 grams.


    Hydrogels are three-dimensional networks of hydrophilic polymers with high water content that are biocompatible. Maurten took advantage of this when they discovered a highly effective method for producing hydrogels with the natural ingredients alginate (algae) and pectin (fruit fibers) that encapsulate the most efficient energy source of all - carbohydrates.

    The two key components, alginate and pectin, form a protective hydrogel structure that efficiently transports salt and carbohydrates through the stomach into the intestines, where the hydrogel dissolves and the body can absorb the salt and carbohydrates. With Maurten's patented hydrogel technology we can increase the amount of carbohydrates available to the body as fuel.

    Hydrogel technology reduces the risk of gastrointestinal problems that occur when the stomach is burdened with traditional energy sources and unnecessary ingredients such as dyes, preservatives and artificial flavors that are not beneficial to your performance.


    The sports drink immediately converts into hydrogel in the stomach acid. The hydrogel allows the drink to move smoothly through the stomach into the intestines, where water, salt and carbohydrates are released and absorbed, giving you quick and sufficient energy that your body can tolerate. Take a look at the video.


    Data sheet

    cow milk free
    chicken egg free
    lactose free
    Eating times
    pre workout
    Eating times
    during sports

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    Packing - Pack 1 Stk.


    Water Glucose Fructose Calcium Carbonate Gluconic acid Sodium Alginate

    Nutrition facts
    Energy in kcal 160
    Energy in kj 669
    Fat 0 g
       Saturated Fat 0 g
    Carbohydrate 40 g
       Sugars 0 g
    Protein 0 g
    Salt 0.03 g
    Caffeine 0
    Origin Schweden