Hammer Nutrition Endurance C

    Hammer Nutrition Endurance C


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    Supports the immune system, can relieve pain and has an antioxidant effect on the body.

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    Endurance C supports the immune system, can relieve pain and has an antioxidant effect on the body.


    Take 3 capsules daily in divided doses. For long workouts, take one capsule before and two capsules after to reap the benefits of recovery.

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    Dosage Form
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    post workout
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    pre workout

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    Calcium Ascorbate - Unlike "regular" vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which is extremely acidic and can cause stomach upset, calcium ascorbate - with a pH of 7.0-7.4 - is commonly referred to as "neutral C" or denotes "non-acidic C". In addition to a very high proportion of vitamin C (90%), the capsules also contain 92 mg of calcium (10%).

    Ascorbyl Palmitate – This is a highly bioavailable, non-acidic, fat-soluble form of vitamin C that is able to reach specific areas of the tissues that standard vitamin C cannot. Therefore, ascorbyl palmitate is able to neutralize specific free radicals that water-soluble vitamin C cannot, while protecting against the oxidation of lipids, a broad group of macronutrients heavily involved in a number of important bodily functions (e.g. regulation, transmission of nerve impulses , transport of fat-soluble nutrients and more).

    Citrus Bioflavonoids – While not strictly vitamins, bioflavonoids have impressive "vitamin-like" properties, which is why this group of compounds has been dubbed vitamin P. Citrus fruits contain a number of bioflavonoids such as diosmin, naringin, tangeretin, diosmetin, marirutin, neohesperidin, nobiletin and others. All of these bioflavonoids work synergistically with vitamin C in supporting the immune system through their antioxidant properties. Citrus bioflavonoids also improve circulation, reduce pain and support joint health.

    Hesperidin 95% HPLC – Hesperidin is an important bioflavonoid found primarily in lemons, oranges and tangerines. Not only does it possess powerful antioxidant properties to support strong immune system function, it may also help blood vessels function better, thereby promoting optimal cardiovascular health. In addition, hesperidin helps reduce pain, supports insulin sensitivity and is also said to help protect cognitive health.

    Quercetin – A highly versatile bioflavonoid derived from a variety of sources including citrus fruits, apples, onions and more. Quercetin has exceptional antioxidant properties, making it a top nutrient for immune system health. Quercetin possesses properties that greatly reduce pain and help alleviate allergy symptoms. In addition, quercetin is believed to be very beneficial for brain and cardiovascular health while helping to normalize blood pressure and blood sugar. Finally, quercetin and vitamin C work together to optimize each other's absorption.

    Rose Hips (Rosa canina) – A natural source of vitamin C, rose hips are a rich source of antioxidant carotenoids and polyphenols. One of these is tiliroside, which has antioxidant properties and is also believed to aid in non-stimulatory fat loss.

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    Origin USA