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Hammer Essential contains a source of 5 different magnesium complexes. Can improve muscle function.


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The importance of magnesium is hard to overstate; in fact, one nutritional expert calls it "the key to health and life." According to the National Institutes of Health, "Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body." Muscle contraction, nerve function, carbohydrate metabolism, ATP activation, protein synthesis, blood pressure normalization, and blood sugar level regulation are but a few of the processes this essential-for-life mineral is crucial for. In addition, magnesium supports increases in HDL (good) cholesterol levels and lowers serum LDL (bad) cholesterol levels while inhibiting the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. A deficiency in magnesium is associated with many ailments such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hypoglycemia and insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, kidney stones, osteoporosis, asthma, periodontal disease, and depression.

Unfortunately, magnesium deficiencies are common, with research showing that approximately 75% of Americans are not obtaining sufficient amounts of this essential mineral. Altering your diet so that it includes more magnesium-rich foods such as nuts (especially almonds, cashews, and walnuts) - and supplementing daily with Essential Mg, which contains 5 forms of highly bioavailable magnesium - is the ideal way to ensure that you're receiving optimal amounts of this all-important, health-benefiting mineral.

Magnesium bisglycinate:
Is magnesium chelated (bonded) to the amino acid glycine and it's touted for its high absorption rates. It's also the form of magnesium considered to have the least amount of potential to cause a laxative effect, common with forms such as oxide and citrate.

Magnesium succinate:
Is magnesium chelated to succinic acid. This compound yields one the highest amounts of elemental magnesium while providing the body with a Krebs cycle intermediate that not only plays a role in energy production, but is also involved (along with protein) in the rebuilding of muscle fiber and nerve endings.

Magnesium citrate:
Is magnesium chelated to citric acid, a key Krebs cycle intermediate, noted for its ability to help alleviate fatigue as well as playing a role in relieving symptoms of asthma and hypertension.

Magnesium malate:
Is magnesium chelated to malic acid and it's the most common form of magnesium used for alleviating fibromyalgia. Malic acid (malate) is a Krebs cycle intermediate, touted for its energy enhancing, fatigue-alleviating effects. Malic acid also supports enhanced exercise performance by counteracting the buildup of lactic acid.

Magnesium taurinate:
Is magnesium bonded to the amino acid taurine. Because both magnesium and taurine are associated with cardiovascular health, magnesium taurate is often referred to as the "heart health" form. Among its many benefits (and like magnesium), taurine assists in regulating heartbeat and muscle contractions.

Understanding mineral content as listed on labels
By: Steve Born

Using Essential Mg to illustrate, it's important to understand how to read labels in regards to their mineral content.

2 capsules of Essential Mg contain:
MAGNESIUM (as Magnesium Bisglycinate, Magnesium Succinate, Magnesium Malate, Magnesium Taurinate and Magnesium Citrate) -- 200mg

So what does this mean? Let's look at one form of magnesium: MAGNESIUM CITRATE...

If the label reads: MAGNESIUM CITRATE – 100 MG that means that there is 100 mg of the compound that contains both magnesium and citric acid. All minerals need an “agent” to help with absorption, and magnesium citrate is a very well absorbed form of the mineral. However, in 100 mg of the compound, only 16% of it is actual magnesium. So 100 mg of magnesium citrate contains only 16 mg of actual/elemental magnesium.

If a label reads: MAGNESIUM (AS CITRATE) – 100 MG that means that there is 100 mg of elemental magnesium in a serving, which is obtained from 625 mg of magnesium citrate.

Note that “as citrate” could also read “from citrate”… same thing.

Remember, the important thing when buying a mineral supplement is how much of the actual mineral are you getting per serving? In the first scenario, you would have to take 6+ capsules to get 100 mg of elemental magnesium. In the second scenario, you’re being informed that a serving—however much that may be (1 capsule, 2 capsules) will give you 100 mg of what you’re looking for, which is how much of the actual mineral you’re getting.

A lot of companies like to use Magnesium Oxide in their products, the reasons being that this is a very inexpensive form of the mineral, and the fact that the compound is comprised of 60% magnesium (e.g. 100 mg of magnesium oxide contains 60 mg of elemental magnesium).
The problem here is bioavailability. Compared to other forms of magnesium—including all five that are used in Essential Mg—magnesium oxide is VERY poorly absorbed. In fact, it is suggested that only about 3-4% of the magnesium in magnesium oxide is absorbed. If you're only absorbing a minuscule amount, why bother taking it?
Also, magnesium oxide is a form of magnesium that has a high laxative potential. Unless you're taking a magnesium supplement solely to alleviate constipation, there are many other better forms to select from. In Essential Mg, we use five highly bioavailable forms, the primary one being magnesium bisglycinate, the form that is considered to have the least amount of potential to cause a laxative effect.

When we formulate a product that contains one or more minerals, we make sure that we use forms that have high absorption rates AND we make sure that we tell you EXACTLY how much of the actual (elemental) mineral you're receiving.

- Supports cardiovascular health
 - Enhances muscular function
 - Helps increase energy
Stabilized rice bran, vegetable capsules (plant cellulose and water).


Nutrition facts: per serving (2 capsules) % NRV
Magnesium 200 mg 50%
- of which elemental magnesium 200 mg

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Dieses Produkt ist mein Favorit, wenn es um Magnesium geht! Ich erhöhe die Dosierung eine Woche vor einem wichtigen Wettkampf (2x2 Caps). Hammer Essential zeichnet sich durch fünf verschiedene Magnesiumformen aus:

Magnesium Bisglycinat, ein Magnesiumsalz von Glycin,
Magnesiumsuccinat, ein Magnesiumsalz der Bernsteinsäure,
Magnesiumcitrat, ein Magnesiumsalz der Zitronensäure,
Magnesium Malat, ein Magnesiumsalz der Apfelsäure,
Magnesiumtaurinat, bei dem Magnesium an Taurin gebunden ist.

Ein absolut herausragendes Produkt!

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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

Zuerst 2 Wochen 2 x 2 Kapseln dann 2 Kapseln am Tag - eine davon am Abend und es funktioniert :-)

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Mit abstand das beste Magnesium, dass ich je hatte. Keine Wadenkrämpfe mehr in der Nacht!