Hammer Bar - Vegan Protein

    Hammer Bar - Vegan Protein


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    Hammer Bar - Vegan Protein are bars with an excellent source of healthy fats. Ideal choice for after-workout.

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    Hammer Bar - Vegan Protein you will love this bar, whether you stick to a vegan diet or not.

    Both flavors, Almond Cacao and Chocolate Peanut combine tapioca, a healthy carbohydrate source, two excellent protein sources - pea protein and brown rice protein - and other tasty, high quality ingredients for every taste.

    Hammer Bar - Vegan Protein is super healthy, almost exclusively made from organic ingredients, easy to chew, satisfies your hunger and is absolutely delicious.

    Both flavors are high in protein - Chocolate Peanut is 14 g per bar, Almond Cacao is 15 g per bar - and they're also excellent sources of healthy fats. Hammer Bar - Vegan Protein contains no trans fatty acids and no cholesterol.

    For those with soy intolerance or allergies, the Almond Cacao Bar is the perfect option as it is 100% soy-free. (The chocolate peanut flavor coating has only a trace of soy in the form of lecithin). Both variants are Kosher certified.

    Hammer Bar - Vegan Protein is the ideal, tasty choice for after exercise. The bars are also suitable as a meal replacement, for snacking or in between, if you need a high-quality source of vegetable protein.

    - 14 g vegetable protein per Chocolate Peanut bar
    - 15 g vegetable protein per Almond Cacao bar
    - no soy protein
    - gluten free
    - healthy fats
    - easy to chew

    The vegan protein bars can be taken before or after training or enjoyed as a snack at any time.

    Note: Both bars contain about 240 calories, including 14 g protein, 22 g carbohydrates (no refined sugars) and 11 g fat. The Vegan Protein Bars are also ideal as a regeneration meal after a workout or competition, when it is not possible to take Vegan Recoverite.

    Chocolate Peanut:
    Organic peanuts, organic dietary fiber syrup, organic pea protein, organic chocolate coating (chocolate, evaporated cana juice, vanilla), organic tapioca syrup, organic sacha inchi protein, organic stevia. Contains peanuts.

    Almond Cocoa:
    Organic tapioca, organic almond butter, organic pea protein, organic cocoa, organic sacha inchi protein, organic stevia. Contains almonds.

    Made in a plant that processes tree nuts, peanuts, seeds, soy, wheat and milk products (milk).


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    gluten free
    cow milk free
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    post workout

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    Die besten veganen Proteinriegel, die ich kenne.... super lecker, sehr gut verträglich und tatsächlich eine effiziente Energiequelle zwischendurch.... auch bei empfindlichen Magen. Vor allem ist nicht so viel Chemie drin, wie bei vielen anderen Riegeln. Ich bin gar keine Veganerin, aber ich liebe die Teile ?