Effective Nature Vitamin D3 Forte

    Effective Nature Vitamin D3 Forte


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    Effective Nature Vitamin D3 Forte - Highly dosed Vitamin D3 capsules to take every 2 weeks - 10'000 I.E. Vitamin D3 per capsule

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    What is Vitamin D3 Forte of effective nature?
    Effective Nature Vitamin D3 Forte- the name lives up to its promise. Highly dosed, this new vitamin D3 product, with just one capsule, will allow you to meet your need for sun vitamin for a full two weeks. Effective, uncomplicated and incredibly practical. In particular, people who are traveling for some time, shy away from taking capsules or tablets daily, or who generally have less time (or want to take them), are sure to find Vitamin D3 Forte from effective nature the new product of choice.

    What causes the intake of vitamin D3?
    Vitamin D plays a more crucial role in the human organism than many people may be aware of. Thus, the vitamin is important for a normal intake and utilization of the minerals calcium and phosphorus, to which it contributes, and supports both the maintenance of normal bones as well as the normal muscle function and normal teeth. Like the more well-known Vitamin C, vitamin D also plays a role in immune system function and cell division - even this short list shows just how versatile this substance is and why it can be useful to provide adequate amounts of vitamin D.

    How is Vitamin D3 Forte dosed?
    Take one capsule of Vitamin D3 Forte with a glass of water every 14 days. The indicated recommended amount of consumption must not be exceeded.

    What distinguishes this vitamin capsule from effective nature?
    The highlight of Vitamin D3 Forte from effective nature is certainly the high dosage of the nutrient present in this capsule. For many experts, vitamin D is considered to be a deficiency vitamin under certain conditions. Unlike many other nutrients, only a small proportion of vitamin D3 is absorbed through the diet. The majority, however, is produced by the body itself, namely with the help of solar radiation in the skin. However, the modern way of life, and especially the fact that in the vast majority of people the work and everyday life takes place in closed four walls, means that less and less vitamin D can be synthesized in the skin. Vitamin D3 Forte helps.


    - Highly dosed - to take every 2 weeks
    - 100% vegan
    - 10,000 I.E. Vitamin D3 per capsule

    Take one capsule every 14 days with a glass of water.

    Organic rice flour, cholecalciferol vegan (vitamin D3), capsules: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetable)


    Nutrition facts per 14-daily-dose (1 capsule)
    Vitamin D3 250 μg / 10'000 I.E. (5000 % NRV)

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    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Mein Lieblings D3 super um den Spiegel im Winter hoch zu halten ich kombiniere immer noch mit K2 wurde ich jedem empfehlen

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    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Mein Lieblingsprodukt in der Vitamin D Reihe von Sportbenzin. Die Caps sind gut dosiert.