Coach Soak

Coach Soak

Discover Coach Soak at Sportbenzin - The best after a workout! Coach Soak has developed muscle recovery bath salts to replenish vital minerals after exercise. Our products contain fast absorbing magnesium, chloride flakes, MSM, moisturising ingredients, vitamin C crystals and pure essential oils for optimum recovery after exercise. Say goodbye to sore muscles!

What makes Coach Soak different?

Coach Soak is a renowned brand that specialises in developing muscle recovery bath salts. The brand prides itself on providing athletes and sports enthusiasts with natural solutions for effective post-workout recovery. Coach Soak believes that proper post-workout care is crucial to keeping the body in optimal condition.


Effective solutions for athletes seeking muscle recovery and post-workout recovery. Whether in the gym, running or competing, our range offers targeted recovery for sports enthusiasts.


Coach Soak

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