BioTech Clear Collagen Professional

    BioTech Clear Collagen Professional


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    Refreshing drink powder | Hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals as well as sugar and sweeteners

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    Description BioTech Clear Collagen Professional

    Clear Collagen Professional contains 20,275 mg of multi-source collagen per serving, consisting of hydrolyzed collagen type I and collagen type II from ChondrActiv® hydrolyzed cartilage powder. Collagen Type I is the predominant type of collagen in our body. It is found in many tissues, including skin, tendons, bones and cartilage.

    Why is the Clear Collagen Professional drink powder recommended?

    - Refreshing collagen formula
    - Complex active ingredients
    - With 24 active ingredients
    - With collagen type I and type II
    - With hyaluronic acid
    - With vitamins and minerals
    - With amino acids
    - With plant extract

    - Sugar-free
    - Gluten-free
    - Lactose-free
    - Palm oil-free

    The product is an enriched version of Clear Collagen from the BioTech Beauty product line, with additional biologically active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to create a more complex drink. Its active ingredients can be divided into 4 groups:

    - Collagen sources
    - Collagen formation
    - Skin care
    - Antioxidants

    BioTech Clear Collagen contains the amino acids glycine, proline and lysine, which are necessary for collagen formation in our body and are its primary building blocks. In addition to these three amino acids, vitamin C also supports collagen formation, which is why BioTech decided to add BioTech Clear Collagen 180 mg of vitamin C, as vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation through the normal maintenance of blood vessels, cartilage, skin, bones, teeth and gums. In addition, vitamin C helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

    In addition to vitamin C, Clear Collagen Professional contains 11 vitamins and 3 minerals, including zinc and copper, which come from organic sources. BioTech Clear Collagen contains both water- and fat-soluble vitamins. These active ingredients contribute to various processes in the body:

    - Vitamin A, biotin, zinc, niacin and riboflavin contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.
    - Biotin, zinc and selenium contribute to the maintenance of normal hair.
    - Zinc and selenium contribute to the maintenance of normal Nails.
    - Copper contributes to the maintenance of normal connective tissue and normal hair and skin pigmentation.
    - Vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, copper and selenium carry contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
    - Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, copper and riboflavin help protect cells from oxidative stress.
    - Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones.

    BioTech Clear Collagen's active ingredients also include hyaluronic acid, a high molecular weight polysaccharide (glycosaminoglycan) produced primarily by fibroblasts and other special connective tissue cells. In addition, hyaluronic acid and collagen have excellent water-binding properties due to their specific amino acid side chains. Also included in the composition is lutein, a carotenoid obtained from marigolds (Calendula officinalis), which is naturally present in foods, especially in green leafy vegetables such as spinach and savoy cabbage. Additionally, BioTech Clear Collagen contains chondroitin sulfate, a polysaccharide found in living organisms such as cartilage tissue.

    More than just a delicious taste

    Biotech Clear Collagen Professional is a refreshing drink powder with fruity flavors that refreshes at any time of the day. BioTech Clear Collagen is also fat, sugar, palm oil and lactose free, so it can be easily included in your daily diet to ensure a varied and balanced diet.

    BioTech Collagen has a peach iced tea and a unique rose pomegranate flavor to give you a refreshing collagen boost even on hot summer days. Thanks to the practical packaging, you can take it anywhere and prepare it easily at any time. 


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