BE THE CHANGE Curcuma Longa

    BE THE CHANGE Curcuma Longa


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    BE THE CHANGE Curcuma Longa drops with selenium - are highly bioavailable and contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

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    Swiss Essentials® CURCUMA LONGA drops contain ingredients of 100% natural origin, such as turmeric root and selenium, which are used in Far Eastern medicine.

    The drops are highly bioavailable, which guarantees the absorption of these ingredients.


    - 100% natural origin

    - Very high absorption

    - Without artificial additives and preservatives

    - Vegan

    - Certified product from the KölnerListe®

    - Guaranteed free of Ethylene Oxide

    - Miron glass bottle (60 portions of 1 ml each): The dark purple Miron glass (biophotonic glass) optimally protects the contents from denaturing light and environmental influences. Curcumin is very sensitive to light. That's why we use Miron glass bottles for this product, which protect against light and UV rays.

    Swiss Essentials® products from BE THE CHANGE are vital substance preparations of the best Swiss quality. They guarantee the high absorption (bioavailability) of the micro and macronutrients they contain.

    Curcuma Longa drops contain a combination of turmeric longa and selenium of the best Swiss quality.

    When producing our liquid Swiss Essential products, we use a patented Swiss technology that gently coats the active ingredient molecules with micelles, thereby converting the molecules into a water-soluble state and protecting them from stomach acid. In this way, Swiss Essential products from BE THE CHANGE achieve unrivaled bioavailability and the curcuminoids and selenium enter the cells unhindered, where they are absorbed by the body as nature intended.


    What is the immune system?

    Our immune system is our body's defense system. It fights harmful pathogens and cells so that we don't get sick and stay healthy.

    What is Turmeric?

    Turmeric, or turmeric (Curcuma longa), is a plant that is part of the ginger family. The shoot axis system of turmeric is very similar to the ginger we know, which is why turmeric is also sometimes called yellow ginger or saffron root.


    Add 2 x 1 ml (1 pipette contains 0.5 ml, see marking) into a glass of water every day. The stated recommended daily dose of 2 ml must not be exceeded. Once opened, store the bottle in the refrigerator and use within 45 days. Shake concentrate before use.


    Alpstein water, gum arabic, curcuminoid-containing turmeric longa extract (curcuminoids), sodium selenate.


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